Handbook of Raman Spectra for geology

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The WURM project is a database of computed physical properties of minerals including calculated Raman spectra using ABINIT code [link]

The Rruff Project website containing an integrated database of Raman spectra, X-ray diffraction and chemistry data for minerals [link]

Raman Mineral Spectroscopy Server (Caltech) [link]

Raman Spectra Minerals (University of Parma) [link]

Raman data base of minerals (SFMC) [link]

Laser spot on a Pyrite sample

Raman spectroscopy can be used to identify, with a minimum of preparation, minerals, glasses and fluids in geological samples [LGL]. We therefore present a selection of Raman spectra of minerals representative of some major mineral groups [use search engine]. The spectra provide the main vibrational fingerprints of each main mineral group and related minerals. We report here more recent references and references for Raman studies carried out at high-pressures and high-temperatures are also mentionned. Most of the spectra were recorded on a XY ©DILOR Raman microspectrometer equipped with a CCD detector [Picture]. The spectrometer was used in backscattering geometry. The laser beam (488 or 514.5 nm exciting lines of a Spectra Physics® Ar+ laser) was focussed through microscope objectives (x50) down to a 2 micrometer spot on sample and the backscattered light was collected through the same objective.
Even though polarization effects are minimized, the intensity of the Raman modes can be sensitive to crystal orientation.

spectrometer laser source
Labram HR800 vis Jobin Yvon Horiba
semi-confocal microscope - mapping stage
Spectra Physics® 2018 Ar+/Kr+ 647.1 nm 568nm 514.5nm 457.9nm
HeNe 632.8nm
Labram HR800 Evolution vis Horiba
confocal microscope for Raman mapping (stages, DuoScan, Swift mode)
Oxxius monomode DPSS 532nm
Oxxius monomode diode 785nm
Labram HR800 vis Jobin Yvon Horiba
confocal microscope and fiber entrance
Laser Quantum Torus 400 532nm
Labram HR800 UV Jobin Yvon Horiba Spectra Physics® WaveTrain 244nm
RaPort EnSpectr 532nm
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